I’m so distant from people
these days that I don’t think
my tired heart is capable of
loving something other than
the burning sting of alcohol
anymore. Baby I know you
see stars in my eyes but trust
me I’m a black hole that’s
burning out faster than the
last summer days and when
the clock strikes midnight
I’m all messy thoughts and
crimson tear stains. You’d
better stay away from fire
when your skin is paper
thin and I’m up in flames.
Sometimes the most broken
people smile the brightest and
lips lined with desperation go
unnoticed like the midnight
rain. You say you’re in love
with damaged things but I
don’t think you know the pain.
m.l.b, don’t fall in love with damaged things (via traced-veins)
Have you ever been so depressed it hurts to breathe. And you physically can’t because it hurts. Your everything aches and no matter how much air you try and take in, you might as well be taking in nothing. Because everything is so tight that you can’t. It doesn’t do anything it’s meaningless. So you just sit there gasping and it just… hurts.
Me right now (via mym0nsters)
I’ve felt this way before.
But now, I realize
there is no greater pain
than the frigid waves of sadness
washing over you again.

It starts in your heart,
encasing it in an armor of ice;
its coldness licking at your chest,
its numbness soaking your veins,
its frozen tendrils slowly reaching towards
fingers and toes.
Until, finally,
you are submerged in chilling darkness.

The reason why it must hurt
so much more this time
than last, is that;
I didn’t know just how sweet
or warm
the shoreline’s breath could be.
"It’s hard to feel your body lose itself again,"   - Stephanie Mills (via life-is—for-living)